Personal Background

Born in the inimitable Manhattan, Audrey spent much of her childhood on Eastern Long Island, on beaches, in forests, and in the local public library.  Little did she know those early years in NYC, in mostly unremembered city dwelling, had made an indelible mark on her.  This was brought to life decades later when doing postgraduate work in London.  She took to London like Dick Van Dyke to Cockney - with gusto, and a fair bit of humour.

Audrey is a first generation American, of mainly Anglo-West Indian heritage, with too many other ethnic influences to call her anything other than mixed (up).

Training and Specialisms

Audrey studied at Tufts University, gaining her first interdisciplinary degree in a mix of Pre-Law and Social Psych. She followed that up with research at the Harvard Grad School of Ed, before working for a couple years in legal research. Travelling across the pond she got her next degree in Criminology from Cambridge and she studied for a doctorate at the LSE, stepping off the academic train at the eleventh hour to go into economic crime security consulting.  A long and tangled road led her back to psychology, after 15 years of being a criminologist, then retraining as a therapist.

Audrey began her therapy career focusing on developmental and complex trauma. She did further study and exploration into how emotional experiences impact both the brain and the body.  Her current practice reflects a broad clientelle bringing issues of - stress, stuckness, anxiety, fractured relationships, dissatisfaction with life, addictive/compulsive behaviours, feelings of failure and overwhelm, to name a few.

Audrey also trains counsellors and has done so for the past decade, and runs development seminars.

BA (Hons), MPhil (Cantab), FRSA

DipPsychCouns (MBACP)

Working Together

I think its important in this often intense and intimate work, to know something about your therapist, and the details I’ve included are meant to specifically convey a few things. My professional and personal background has given me a good foundation in working with diversity and questions of identity, belonging and the concept of home, in your life, your relationships and even in your body. My interest in why we do what we do, and how we can be in a way that makes us feel peace, excitment and connection to ourselves and others, has been the golden thread that has been woven through all my work. 

I’m smart, I’m passionate, and humour and ‘realness’ plays an important role in my therapy.

I consider myself a brain and body wise therapist and absolutely love the work that I do. I approach each new client with sensitivity, openness, appreciation, curiosity, and compassion, and seek to help you learn to approach yourself in a similar manner.

I look forward to working together.