Since I decided to name my website and subsequent practice, At the Practice, people have been asking me what the hell its all about!

Well, the truth is, as a recovering over-achiever (see About Me), I always had the idea that I'd practice at something, get better and better, until I could do it perfectly.  After all, what's an over achiever if you're not a perfectionist as well!  It's like a half assed job!

As well as an over achiever, I was also a seeker- in education, philosophy, spirituality, science, psychology, self development...and eventually, the idea is, that you get...THERE.  You know, THERE.  That place where everything makes sense, and things always flow, and basically you walk on water. 

Pouf! And then I woke up!

What I realised is that true understanding of self and real skilful living, comes from having certain practices in your life.  And they may look different for each person, but share certain things in common.  And one of the main things that they share is a knowledge, an inside out knowledge, that your best, most self expressed, self empowered, compassionate towards self and others, self, doesn't happen in one fell swoop.  While I invite you to my seminars, they ain't gonna do it for you in isolation.  You've all watched inspiring TEDtalks, you've been touched by people's heroism in crippling situations, you've had flashes of insight, and yet...they pass.  They seem to 'wear off'.  

Good living...connected and aligned living, is a practice

It happens daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. On and on.  There aren't any shortcuts.  It's a practice.

I welcome you to join me, At the Practice.