Working with Men

A man does not die of love or his liver or even of old age; he dies of being a man. - M. de Unamuno

In my former working life I was often the lone female in a sea of Alpha and Betas, jockeying for position or trying to fade into the background, each and every one fighting to survive in their own way.

I grew a great appreciation for the male journey, the loneliness, the bullshit, the front, and the crippling sense of disappointment and failure.  Whether at work, in relationships, body image, sexuality, self worth, rage, intimacy, and on and on, men are struggling to be themselves.

Often men seek out male therapists - this can be a powerful connection; two men speaking about how life really is. I  however, have been fortunate in having worked with many male clients and it has become a valued part of my practice. There is so much misunderstanding and pain standing between men and women generally, that the work we do here can be very healing and revealing of life outside the therapy room.

I have particularly worked with men in the military, policing, surgery and the City and welcome working with an even more diverse group of men.